The 2nd Automotive CFD Prediction Workshop was held on the 26th-27th August 2021 in a hybrid format - virtually and in Berlin, Germany. It was preceded by the Fourth International Conference in Numerical and Experimental Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles and Trains (AEROVEHICLES 4 ), and both the conference and workshop were held during the same week. Two test-cases were studied; Windsor body and the DrivAer Notchback (detailed underbody with no rolling road or rotating wheels). Meshes were created for all cases in major grid formats i.e OpenFOAM, STAR-CCM+, Fluent, CGNS in addition to geometry and surface meshes. Participants who submitted results were allocated a 15 minute presentation slot however those who wished to present relevant material (i.e wind-tunnel campaign of the DrivAer model) without computing the test-cases were allowed to speak.


Case 1

Case 1 is the Windsor Body, which is a simplified vehicle like shape in wind tunnel conditions and is intended to capture the important flow-field structures without needing to model complex geometrical detail as is found in the second DriVAer case. The Windsor model, as developed by Steve Windsor of Jaguar Land Rover, used here has been modified to include a version with wheels. Further details are given in the [paper] by Pavia et al. and the PhD thesis of Varney. These two cases have had extensive measurements taken at the Loughborough University wind tunnel at a Reynolds number of approximately 3 million (based on vehicle length). The full dataset is available here

Two CAD definitions are provided for the with wheels (1A) and without wheels (1B) geometry. For each case, four standard meshes will be provided in a range of grid formats: low Re wall resolved RANS (WRRANS), wall modelled RANS (WMRANS), low Re wall resolved Eddy Resolving (WRER), wall modelled Eddy Resolving (WMER). For the WRER case, the high aspect ratio near the wall makes this suitable for DES and hybrid RANS-LES approaches, and it is not recommended to be used for a classic eddy resolving LES. Links can also be found below for the post-processing instructions and an example set of files/templates to use for your submission.

Case 2

Case 2 is the notchback version of the open cooling DrivAer. A detailed description of the open cooling DrivAer test case is available here (Version v6 - 6th July) and from the SAE Technical Paper 2021-01-0958 by Hupertz et al.. The workshop will focus on a closed cooling DrivAer configuration with static wheels and static floor. A comprehensive set of experimental data from the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel (Courtesy of Ford) including aerodynamic forces, surface pressure, velocity profiles and 2D flowfield measurements will be available for the correlation of CFD analyses presented at the workshop. Please see below for the meshes which were created using ANSA by BETA-CAE Systems.


Test case 1 - Windsor body description
Test case 1 kick off presentation
Test case 1 submission instructions
Test case 1 example submission files/template
Test case 1 exp. data
Test Case 2 description
Test Case 2 submission template
Test Case 2 flowfield mapping in ANSA/Nastran format


Case 1a
Surface grids STL        
Case 2
Case 2 Surface STL ANSA JT Nastran
Case 2 Volume (Wall-function) CGNS CFD++ Fluent OpenFOAM
Case 2 Volume (Low-Re grid) CGNS CFD++ Fluent OpenFOAM


Final Agenda for the workshop is here


Workshop kick-off - Neil Ashton (AWS) Slides
Case 1 description and cross-plotting - Gary Page (Loughborough University) Slides Video-Part1 Video-Part2 Video-Part3 Video-Part4
Case 2 description and cross-plotting - Burkhard Hupertz (Ford Motor Company) Slides Video-Part1 Video-Part2 Video-Part3 Video-Part4
Case 2 meshes - Vangelis Skaperdas (BETA-CAE Systems) Slides Video
Statistical error quantification - Charles Mockett (Upstream CFD) Slides
Emmanuel Guilmineau - CNRS - Centrale Nantes Slides Video
Eugen Riegel - Numeric Systems GmbH Slides
Marian Zastawny - Siemens Digital Industries Software Slides Video
Olivier Thiry - Cadence Design Systems Slides
Hendrik Hetmann - Upstream CFD Slides Video
Francesco Fabio Semeraro - Politecnico di Milano Slides
Samuel Gomez - Barcelona Supercomputing Center Slides Video
Walid Hambli - Imperial College London Slides
Date Rentema - DAF Trucks Slides
Christian Taucher - ICON Technology and Process Consulting Ltd. Slides
Astrid Walle - Astrid Walle CFDsolutions Slides
Gary Page - Loughborough University Slides
Neil Lewington - Ford Motor Company Slides
Lian Duan - The Ohio State University Slides
Matthew Kronheimer - TotalSim US Slides
Michael Emory - Cascade Technologies, Inc. Slides Video
Paul Batten - Metacomp Technologies, Inc. Slides Video
Liang Yu - University of Sydney Slides
Arjun Yadav - Digital Solutions Inc. Slides Video
Shijun Chu - Tongji University Slides Video
Krishna Zore - ANSYS Slides
Kaushik Reddy Mallareddygari - SankhyaSutra Labs Ltd. Slides
Ondrej Cavoj - Skoda Auto + Brno University Slides
Neil Ashton - Amazon Web Services Slides Video


  • Charles Mockett (Upstream CFD) - Local Organiser
  • Gary Page (Loughborough University)
  • Neil Ashton (Amazon Web Services / University of Oxford)
  • Burkhard Hupertz (Ford)
  • Lian Duan (Ohio State University)
  • Timo Kuthada (FKFS)
  • Simone Sebben (Chalmers University)
  • Charles Ribes (Stellantis)
  • Iraj Mortazavi (CNAM)
  • Vangelis Skaperdas (BETA-CAE Systems)
  • Martin Passmore (Loughborough University)
  • Adrian Gaylard (Jaguar Land Rover)
  • Fabian Rösler (Audi)
  • Marco Kiewat (Audi)
  • Astrid Walle (CFD Solutions)