Case 2 is the notchback version of the DrivAer and is the same as used in the 3rd automotive CFD prediction workshop. This includes the base variant of the DrivAer (Case 2a) which has been analyzed in the 2nd and 3rd Automotive CFD Prediction Workshops a variant of the DrivAer (Case 2b), which features a front wheel air deflector, and was studied for the 3rd workshop. A detailed description of both DrivAer test cases is available here and, for the base variant, from the SAE Technical Paper 2021-01-0958 by Hupertz et al.. For both DrivAer variants the workshop will focus on a closed cooling configuration with static wheels and static floor. A comprehensive set of experimental data from the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel (Courtesy of Ford) including aerodynamic forces, surface pressure, velocity profiles and 2D flowfield measurements will be available for both DrivAer variants for the correlation of CFD analyses presented at the workshop. Please see below for the meshes which were created using ANSA by BETA-CAE Systems. The mesh of the base variant (Case 2a) is identical to the “Case 2 – Wall-Function Grid” used in the 2nd workshop. The Case 2b mesh is identical to the Case 2a mesh except for the front wheel air deflector region.


Test-case description (updated May24)
Submission template (updated May24)
Flowfield mapping (ANSA and NASTRAN formats)
Updated 2024 mesh details

Results Dashboard

Given the test-cases have remained the same from AutoCFD3, you can look at the interactive results dashboard to assess the work done during AutoCFD3.

Grids (updated 04/24)

Case 2 CAD Baseline DrivAer Additional STEP    
Case 2a Surface STL      
Case 2b Surface STL      
Case 2a Volume CGNS CFD++ Fluent OpenFOAM
Case 2b Volume CGNS CFD++ Fluent OpenFOAM